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The Department for Communities and Local Government

On 4 May 2017, 4.6 million voters in Cambridgeshire & Peterborough, Greater Manchester, Liverpool City Region, West of England, West Midlands and Tees Valley will elect their new combined authority mayors. With low turn out in the referenda to establish regional mayors, it's important to rouse voters and make it clear what the new mayors will mean for them.


Research showed that personalisation and localisation would be key, yet this was a central government brief, and we needed to keep the messaging consistent. We had to come up with a way to make a nationwide campaign locally relevant – especially for younger voters.

‘Our Mayor - Your Vote’ addressed the audience directly as individuals with different tastes and preferences as members of their local community. Voiceovers, imagery (much locally crowd sourced) and language were tried and tested for local relevance. Delivered through out of home (with a significant digital component), social and radio, the campaign made the case for voting and the results in terms of awareness and engagement have been very encouraging.