One card. Thousands of Presents.


Create a campaign that makes the Bluewater gift card a gift of choice rather than a last minute purchase.

We gave the gift card a purpose and reassured people that it’s not a heartless gift. Basically, the it saves consumers from buying any unwanted gifts. And gives recipients exactly what they want. To get this across, we highlighted the common shopper challenges people face when buying presents, like not really knowing what bra size their wife is, whether getting socks for Dad on Father's Day again is acceptable, and when they say they don’t know what they want, but they really do.

We have taken the gifting insights and created a suite of quirky illustrations containing witty copy lines that convey the nightmares of gift purchasing. Each execution includes the campaign line ‘One card. Thousands of presents' to really hit home that the Bluewater gift card allows you to give the gift of choice and satisfaction. 

Bluewater’s gift card sales have soared. In mall, the total gift cards sales for 2014 were £6.8m, which is £652,513 rise compared to 2013. Within November and December, £3.4m cards were sold alone. Sales of the Gift Card online almost doubled in 2014 compared to 2013, with a £260,446 increase, contributing to 7% of overall sales.