A Penguin classic

British Airways

British Airways wanted a DM pack to comemerate the launch of the new First cabin. These customers have everything, so it was important to create something that they would keep.

Harking back to early flights on First, where passengers were provided with Penguin books to read during their flight, each customer will receive a first edition copy of a specially commissioned short story written by a famous UK writer. Each copy will be dedicated to the customer and signed by the author and as there will only be 1000 copies produced, the publication will become instantly valuable and rare.

While we propose giving an open brief to the author, we will specify that part of the story must incorporate a journey taken with British Airways First. Using digital printing, we will personalise the story so that one of the characters uses the name of the customer. This allows us to put the customer within First and deliver a depth of detail about the service and cabin that we could not possibly convey in traditional advertising.